Page Acree Scholarship

Page Acree Humanities in the Sciences Scholarship

Dr. Page Acree, a Wake Forest alumnus who helped pioneer open heart surgery, believed that potential physicians need a strong dose of the humanities to make them better physicians and citizens. To this end, he established a scholarship for pre-medical students.

“The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support for undergraduate students who are majors in Biology, Chemistry, Health & Exercise Science, Mathematics/Computer Science, or Physics, who have career objectives in medicine or science-related fields that require human service, and who also wish to take unrequired academic work in the humanities. The support is to enable the student(s) to enhance and increase their humanitarian and ethical awareness. Recipients must have an academic record that will, in Wake Forest’s judgment, make them likely to be admissible to a medical school. In addition, each student must apply for the award by submitting a written description of his or her proposed study program in terms of content and objective, with particular reference to increasing their humanitarian and ethical awareness.

Students may elect to:

  1. take an extra semester or year of courses beyond graduation from college to concentrate on the humanities;
  2. meet basic and divisional humanities requirements during summer sessions, thereby allowing unrequired humanities courses (outside their major fields) during the regular semester; or
  3. enroll for a semester in Wake Forest’s London, Venice, or Vienna programs, or in any accredited university in the United States or the world. In all cases, students must submit a written study program that will qualify for full academic credit at Wake Forest.”

Preference for funding will be for students who are currently juniors or seniors.

In order to apply, please submit the following electronically to the e-mail <> by February 2oth.

  1. Details and a description of the content of the proposed study program
  2. An itemized budget proposal
  3. A copy of your transcript. A minimum grade point average of 3.5 is required.
  4. One letter of recommendation.

Completed proposals should be submitted electronically as a Word document or pdf.  The average budget of a successful Acree scholarship is in the range of $5,000 to $9,000.  If published documentation (brochure or registration bulletin) is available about the program you plan to attend, please include that with your application.  Students who apply will be notified of decisions by March 15.

Recipients obligate themselves to submitting a detailed report on completion of the program to the Dean of the College no later than one month after the program has ended.