AdviseStream will be updated on December 19th. Updates will include:

Increased usability and accessibility

You will notice a new look when you login into the application. The simplified interface will make it easier and more consistent to complete tasks and find information across the application.

Answer how-to questions in real-time

There will be a new help center within the application. Students, advisors, and faculty can access user guides, new feature release notes, and other helpful resources to understand how to make the most of specific functionality while they’re using the application.

New name: Inspire

The name will also change from AdviseStream to “Inspire.” The URL used to access the application will change to To ensure there aren’t any issues in logging into the application during this transition, your AdviseStream URL will redirect to the new Inspire URL.


Beginning in the fall of 2017, Wake Forest will begin implementing the use of an innovative program designed specifically to meet the needs of health professions students and their advisors. The program AdviseStream, allows students to develop a portfolio of all of their relevant courses and activities throughout their time at Wake Forest. The portfolio is organized in a manner that allows you to cut and paste information directly into your health professions program application. The portfolio will be used by the Health Professions Advising Committee to prepare your HPC letter. The site offers access to resources on health professions, it helps you find summer internships and research opportunities, and even helps you find the schools that are best suited to your interests when it is time to apply. You can use Advise Stream to produce resumes in different formats for internships vs research vs jobs, and it will be used to make appointments with the health professions advisors. Even if you eventually decide to pursue a career outside of the health professions, your AdviseStream portfolio will make you better prepared to apply for jobs or graduate programs.

All first-year students will be asked to begin to construct a portfolio on AdviseStream. It is also recommended for second-year students.

All third and fourth-year students planning to apply to medical or dental school will be required to have an AdviseStream account. AdviseStream will replace the former Health Professions Committee application process.

An up-to-date AdviseStream portfolio will be a requirement for making an appointment with a health professions advisor.

What AdviseStream can do

  • For health professions advisors:
    • Provides advisors with access to a portfolio which includes a student’s goals, plans, academic record, and relevant extracurricular activities.
    • Saves significant time during advising meetings, since the advisor does not have to record the student’s extracurricular activities before beginning the advising process.
    • Provides a mechanism by which students can make appointments with advisors online.
    • Provides a site for storage of advising notes.
    • Provides a means of collecting letters of recommendation and assembling the health professions application.
  • For students:
    • Easily set up a personal four-year plan for courses, research, clinical and service experiences.
    • Present yourself for internships and jobs with a powerful resume and portfolio tool that builds on your entered data.
    • Utilize planners to manage the 18-month pre-medical and pre-dental application process.
    • Prepare and organize your primary health professions application before services open.
    • Share your planners with your health professions advisor(s) to easily collaborate and make better, informed decisions.
    • Request and manage letters of evaluation.
    • Complete the Health Professions Committee Application and request a Health Professions Committee (HPC) letter.

See the video below for more details.

Here’s how to get started on AdviseStream:

  1. You will receive an AdviseStream invitation from the Health Professions Advising Program.
  2. Go to and enter the requested information, including the access token provided in the email.
  3. Go to and click login. You will be redirected to Wake Forest’s sign-on page.
  4. Enter your password. You will automatically be taken to the AdviseStream home page.

For technical support, use the “Support” button from any AdviseStream webpage.