Post-Baccalaureate Programs

If you feel that in most respects you are competitive for medical, PA or PT school, but are being held back by a lack of preparation or poor performance in the sciences, one possible route to take is to complete a post-baccalaureate program. About 15% of the students entering medical school have completed a post-bac program. That alone is good reason to consider such a program. There are over 100 such programs in the US, some at very prestigious institutions.

If you are considering a post-bac program, consider one that is linked to one or more medical schools, guaranteeing admission to the medical school based on achieving a specific level of performance in the program. There are also programs that give preference to under-represented minority students. The most important consideration in choosing a program is the school’s acceptance rate of its students to medical school.

The disadvantage of a post-bac program of course is that tuition is comparable to that of a private college. But if you need to correct deficiencies in preparation or performance, this is an efficient way to do it. And folded into the cost of a medical education, it is worth the investment.

The AAMC post-bac page can be found here:, and a list of post-bac programs can be found at: Please see your health professions advisor for more information on post-bac programs.

Some good articles to look at that might help you decide if a post-bac program is the best option for you:

Pre-Medical/Dental Programs at Wake Forest School of Medicine

We have three degree programs that pre-medical/dental students take advantage of when they are looking for extra academic preparation to increase their experience/competitiveness: