Becoming a Competitive Applicant: Resources 

The NAAHP (National Association of Advisors in the Health Professions) has a variety of resources for students applying to graduate programs in the health professions. These include the following brochures/books:

The Health Professions Admissions Guide provides detailed, up-to-date information on a variety of health professions. It begins with the initial questions students should ask when exploring these professions and continues through to the application process, giving helpful advice to increase chances of acceptance. Written and edited by a committee of experienced health professions advisors, and with the valuable contributions of the NAAHP Advisory Council members, the Health Professions Admissions Guide delineates a simple and effective strategy to approach the often complex process of applying to health professions schools. 

Write for Success: Preparing a Successful Essay for Your Application to Health Professions School. This book is geared specifically to helping students write clearly for the tasks related to the health professions application process, including the personal statement. It includes examples of both successful and unsuccessful applications, critical reviews of actual applications by three admissions deans, and advice from the experiences of the authors. The importance of writing clearly must not be underestimated. Admissions committees report that factors other than GPA and entrance exam scores play a critical role in the evaluation process. One of the criteria mentioned repeatedly is the personal statement section of the health professional application. 

Interview Brochure. This concise booklet provides a thorough overview of the interviewing process and the various steps that students can take to prepare well for it. It pulls together the experience of numerous advisors and the thoughts and suggestions of several health professions schools admission deans.